This initiative exists to support African rural students and youth who lack information and resources to explore their natural endowment and/or talent in their various areas of interest and core competence.

Research reveals that in most developing countries especially in Sub-Sahara Africa, youth make up well over one half of the total rural population. Among these rural youth are the outstanding talented and naturally endowed students that cannot be ignored, because of their untapped potentials that are capable of contributing immensely to solving problem of sustainable development.

Rural youth development programme can make significant contribution to making the lives of young people from rural areas more productive and meaningful by strengthening and raising their hope as well as assuring them of the possibility of the realization of their diverse dreams of life.

In the recent past, motivators have illuminated the minds of students in the urban areas to explore their potentials in their areas of natural gifting and unique talents. This has made positive changes in the lives of many that were numb to their potentials. Many have risen up to challenge complacency in attempt to take advantage of their capabilities, despise mediocrity and live above average life.

However, the rural students especially the very naturally talented as ‘genius’ do not have the immense opportunity that is made available to the urban dwellers, because of limited access to information and resources. These upcoming tomorrow leaders can become responsible citizens of their various communities, tomorrow’s inventors and innovators as well as future contributors of national development when they trained and supported to become acclaimed experts in their various fields of endearvours.

The drive to reach out to develop and empower these rural genius that are not often thought of, is the whole idea of African Rural Genius Educational Support Initiative.

Our different programmes are designed to influence students in high schools, so they can discover their unique talents and to excellently explore them, primarily to benefit themselves and also to positively impact their communities through service on the long run; this will surely lead to development.