Welcome to Blossom Life Foundation. A Non-Profit Organisation headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria.

This organization is geared towards fostering good qualities of life in people in order for them to stay healthy, enjoy right to life and become responsible citizens and contributors to their various local communities and society at large.

African Child Aid Initiative (ACAI), Campaign for Wellbeing (CW) African Rural Genius Educational Support Initiative (ARGESI), among others; are the initiatives of Blossom Life Foundation.


No 8, Main Street,

Suncity, Abuja

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Millions of children around the world and especially in sub-Sahara Africa are born into a stark reality. Many children grow up in a daily life marked by violence. Each year an estimated 15 million children die of hunger. Children are particularly vulnerable to the physical threats of poverty including malnutrition, disease and abuse. Children are extremely tense, awfully traumatized, and overwhelmed with fear in this part of the world.